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Pendleton Marijuana Industry

Virtual Marijuana Tour and Information

Pendleton Oregon is the first City in Umatilla County to grow and sell marijuana. 

Grow Facilities

Marijuana wholesale and production in Pendleton Oregon

Retail Stores

Cannabis stores 

Primary Concerns

Retail Stores (Dispensary)

Traffic: parking, impaired driving, 

Signs: Neon lights, Green Crosses (propaganda), Excessive signage (biggest, tallest and brightest) overpowering community, wording  

Increasing access to Community: easier access to parents is easier access to children

Crime: video monitoring and signage to protect theft from store

Grow Facilities (Producers)

Odor:  during harvest ( lasts about 6 weeks and there can be a harvest every 2 months) the odor is offensive to some people and can drive real estate values down for 1/2 mile, odor can travel more than 50 miles depending on the wind), filtration causes fire hazards and noise

Water: pirated from rivers or streams, depleting resources from basins (public rights), runoff

Overproduction:  drives price down, increases usage, fed to animals,  large quantities of marijuana from Oregon have been seized in 30 states, most of which continue to prohibit marijuana 

Organized Crime: 

Fence: unsightly

Financial Motivation to overlook issues: City has more discretion on how to spend money according to tax laws

Processor (concentrate extraction)

Safety: fire, explosions

Noise: machinery

City of Pendleton Ordinances


Citizens must call the police who will verify the odor and attempt to work out a solution.  If no agreement is made, the officer will complete a citation and the citizen can sign it at the police station.  In order to pursue the complaint, the citizen will have to prove their case in court and it could take 2 months to appear.  If the grow were to be cited, it would be $500 per day.  That has not happened yet.


For a grow, there are no rules about being located next to a school, park or other place that children frequent.  The grow must be located in a light industrial (M-1) zone.  Every grow was granted a re-zone to allow it in the City limits.

Retail stores must be 1000 feet away from a school, park or other retail store.  This effectively prohibits a retail store from Main Street.



The City can call a moratorium which shuts down cannabis activity until election.

Statewide Information

Time Place and Manner

Each City can restrict marijuana activities.  These include:  the hours of operation, the location (no more than 1000 foot buffer between retail stores), manner of operation, and public access.


A City may adopt up to a 3% tax on marijuana, but  under state law if all forms of industry ( dispensary, producer, processor , wholesaler and retailer) are not allowed, then the tax is not allowed on any of the marijuana activities.

Guide to the Oregon Building Code and Marijuana Operations

The Oregon Building Codes Division has received numerous inquiries regarding the application of the Oregon Building Code in conjunction with marijuana operations 

Frequently asked questions

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