A hub of information about cannabis legalization in Pendleton, Oregon Raising awareness about the cannabis industry in Pendleton Oregon

 Raising awareness about the cannabis industry in Pendleton Oregon

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Raising awareness about the cannabis industry in Pendleton Oregon

You will find a broad range of information about the cannabis industry in Pendleton, Oregon.  This is a place to find information quickly about the cannabis industry in Pendleton, useful information and links to resources.  


Assessment of Cannabis Production, Distribution, and Consumption in Oregon 2018 - An Insight Report

  Impartially gathered data  based on research regarding concerns about cannabis.  Socio-economic, public health and law enforcement perspective findings.

Once a budding business, marijuana shops struggle from over-saturation in Eugene.

Marijuana shops struggle in Eugene

Legalization, they say, has attracted vagrants and cartels from out-of-state, contributed to spikes in crime, and endangered the health of a generation of kids raised to believe the drug is harmless. A new study from Colorado State University-Pueblo’s Institute of Cannabis Research portrays the effects of legalization as mixed at best—far from the unqualified success that marijuana boosters like to project. 

The marijuana giant is well positioned to continue being a leader in the industry, so long as the company focuses on products first.

"Did you buy cannabis or an outcome? You have to transform the ingredients, that's the business we are in right now"

Not only will this non-alcoholic beer get you ‘high’, but you’ll be able to choose which kind of high you’d like to experience.  

Smell is his main concern. A computer repair shop he frequents in town recently had a cannabis business move in next-door, and Bahr said the entire store "reeked" of marijuana. "I think it ruins the building for occupancy for anybody else but a pot-based business." Palm Spring officials are "aware of the odor associated with cannabis lounges," 


Pendleton Marijuana Industry

Virtual Marijuana Tour and Information

Pendleton Oregon is the first City in Umatilla County to grow and sell marijuana. 

Marijuana grow facility in Pendleton Oregon

Grow Facilities

Marijuana wholesale and production in Pendleton Oregon

Retail Stores

Cannabis stores 

Social media problems with the cannabis industry

coming to your community soon

examples of their social media posts are coming

Marijuana proponents act like a "cyber mob"

Kind leaf manager, Erin Purchase threatens webmaster's job.  

 See her threat

marijuana proponents infiltrated our social media

They gain favor with the administrators of the Facebook sites to control the information.  Examples are coming soon.

Marijuana proponents have "secret" benefits

Marijuana proponents say they have no stake in the business, but there are many ways to benefit such as: real estate, jobs (direct and indirect), investments in the business directly and indirectly, investments by friends or relatives, paid expenses such as dinners, party invites, or gaining status in the marijuana community.

Proponents will speak lies about you

They repeat the same old lines and eventually people just accept it as the truth.

Proponents join social media groups in towns they don't live in and interact freqeuntly

They are networking to get marijuana legalized across the country, but they don't realize that big PHARM will over-run them all.  Legalization versus criminalization are two different things.

Primary Concerns

Retail Stores (Dispensary)

Lack of compliance with City of Pendleton regulations:  if a neighboring business complains about anything marijuana patrons did defame the neighboring business on social media, if a citizen complains the City notified the businesses and made their name and address public record (marijuana advocates can be very intimidating).
Location:  e
ach dispensary is located where the highest volume of children and youth in the City travel by foot (greatest amount of exposure), between the greatest concentration of low cost housing and the grocery store, and most draw undue attention at the gateways to the community. One store has a neon sign which is not in compliance with City regulations pointing at the highway where the City attracts visitors including youth activities.  Rather than enforce the regulations which were already in place, the surrounding businesses increase their signage.
each dispensary is located in areas families (children and youth) must frequently pass for basic necessities.  Many of the businesses are located where there are stop lights in highly concentrated traffic areas.
Parking: customers use space meant for neighboring businesses (the City does not enforce the mitigation plan and if a business complains  the marijuana patrons may defame the business on social media), impaired driving, open 7am-10pm. 

Signs: Neon lights, flashing lights, Excessive signage (biggest, tallest and brightest)  attracting excessive attention in community,  one store obtained special permission to get additional signage and put up a huge homemade sign which could be considered as attractive to children,  green crosses (propaganda which adds to the confusion of customers about medical usage).
High volume of stores:  the City has approved 4 retail stores.  Some Cities of similar size have 5-8.
Increasing access to Community: easier access to parents is easier access to children

Crime: video monitoring and signage to protect theft from store,  all cash business , customers travel across state lines after purchasing marijuana (illegal).  


With increased processing and testing costs, and a decrease on the number of plants a medical grower can produce, patients are likely to seek cannabis products in a more shadowy place – the black market.

Grow Facilities (Producers)

Expense to taxpayers:  a new building requires new city infrastructure such as  water and sewer lines which the City is more than willing to pay for even though there are pipes in the City over 100 years old and need to be replaced.
Fire trucks will access the station from SE 14th Street, and will leave the station on SE 15th Street. A traffic control point will also be installed to prevent traffic issues

Odor:  during harvest ( lasts about 6 weeks and may occur every 2 months) the odor is offensive to some people and can drive real estate values down for 1/2 mile (odor can travel more than 50 miles depending on the wind according to the National Weather Service), filtration causes fire hazards and noise

Water: pirated from rivers or streams, depleting resources from basins (public rights), runoff, requires expensive infrastructure at taxpayers expense
Energy Consumption:  lack of research on best practices for cultivation.

Overproduction:  drives price down, increases usage, fed to animals,  large quantities of marijuana from Oregon have been seized in other states where it is illegal 

Organized Crime:  The state worries that legal cultivators are diverting their suprlus crops to the black market.  Medical consumers are driven to the black market.

Fence: unsightly

Financial Motivation to overlook issues: City has more discretion on how to spend money according to tax laws, maybe willing to overlook public health and safety

Real Estate Values:  property values decrease near a grow and increase across town

Processor (concentrate extraction and trimming)

The City has attempted and usually succesfully re-zoned every grow/processor.  One was changed from farmland to industrial.  The City of Pendleton changed zoning 4 blocks from Main Street (once they attempted to change zoning in the middle of a block for one building).

Safety: fire, explosions

Noise: machinery
Other:  ordinary industry issues such as lights, gas, dust, fumes, traffic

Vice's "Weedequette"

Vice: Marijuana Minors

For Complete Video Visit:

City of Pendleton Ordinances


Citizens must call the police who will verify the odor and attempt to work out a solution.  If no agreement is made, the officer will complete a citation and the citizen can sign it at the police station.  In order to pursue the complaint, the citizen will have to prove their case in court and it could take 2 months to appear.  If the grow were to be cited, it would be $500 per day.  That has not happened yet.


For a grow, there are no rules about being located next to a school, park or other place that children frequent.  The grow must be located in a light industrial (M-1) zone.  Every grow was granted a re-zone to allow it in the City limits.

Retail stores must be 1000 feet away from a school, park or other retail store.  This effectively prohibits a retail store from Main Street.



The City can call a moratorium which shuts down cannabis activity until election.

Statewide Information

Names of all marijuana industries listed by county

To locate marijuana stores or grows in other areas press Cntrl + f

Time Place and Manner

Each City can restrict marijuana activities.  These include:  the hours of operation, the location (no more than 1000 foot buffer between retail stores), manner of operation, and public access.


A City may adopt up to a 3% tax on marijuana, but  under state law if all forms of industry ( dispensary, producer, processor , wholesaler and retailer) are not allowed, then the tax is not allowed on any of the marijuana activities.

 HB 3470 (2017)  For state marijuana taxes collected after July 1, 2017,  distributions to cities will be based on a new formula. 75 percent of the distribution to cities will be based on population, and 25 percent of the distribution will be based on the number of licensed premises in the city compared to the total number of licenses premises in all cities.

Information on Marijuana Operations

The Oregon Building Codes Division has received numerous inquiries regarding the application of the Oregon Building Code in conjunction with marijuana operations .
Lookup owners of a business.

Recreational Sales are up.  

OLCC Rules for Recrational Marijuana

To search OLCC Rules press CTRL + F

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  This is a place to find information quickly about the marijuana industry in Pendleton, Oregon. Raising awareness about the cannabis industry  based on a great deal of research and uncovers secrets that some people may not want you to know. Raising awareness about the cannabis industry in Pendleton Oregon

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