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Information on retail stores

Advertising for stores

It is unclear how audiences are identified or what entity carries the responsibility for ensuring cannabis advertising is permissible. By 2016, cannabis was reported as easier to access than cigarettes among 11th graders in Oregon.  

Driving fatalities

 Among impaired driving fatalities, analysis of toxicology results from 2010 through 2015 indicates that an average of 5% of drivers involved in traffic fatalities were THC positive. Yet, in the same period, only 38% of traffic fatalities were subject to a toxicology screening. 


 Average hourly wages in Oregon’s “cannabis sector” at $12.13 hourly on the retail side

Financial crimes

 Financial crimes frequently use front companies to co-mingle funds and can offer products at unreasonably low prices compared to legitimate entities.   Effectively, this crowds out law-abiding entities – undermining the free market principles of legitimate business