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Virtual Tour of Retail Stores near Pendleton, Oregon

Compare the unique aspects of retail marijuana stores such as: signage, lighting, colors, location, proximity to other buildings, parking, and traffic which characterizes the community.  Ask yourself does the Cannabis store blend in with other businesses or does it stick out like a sore thumb?  Does it look like the owner painted graffiti on it?  Does it improve or degrade the surrounding businesses?  Do children and youth have to pass it regularly in order to obtain their basic necessities of life?  How frequently do youth and children walk pass it?  How much parking space is there?  Compare it to Pendleton Oregon.

3 retail stores in Walla Walla WA (50 miles from Pendleton)  They have minmal signage allowed, sophisticated appearances and no green crosses.  Mostly located in industrial areas.

2 retail cannabis stores in Huntington (169 miles from Pendleton).  The stores have little signage and are located on the edge of town on a highway which is travelled on very little.  There is one grow

2 retail cannabis stores in Sumpter which have minimal signage and have names that resemble previous businesses (124 miles from Pendleton) .

5 cannabis stores and 2 grows are located in The Dalles (126 miles from Pendleton, Oregon). They are located on the edge of town in industrial areas.  Most of them either blend into surrounding buildings or actually visually improve the neighborhood.
There are 4 other grows in Wasco County.