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Frequently Asked Questions

Grow Facility

What are the primary concerns of a commercial marijuana grow?
Crime, odor, and property value
Where can a grow be located?
The City makes most of the rules.  The OLCC states a grow cannot be in an area primarily zoned for residential use.  The City requires M-1 (Light Industrial zone) with a Conditional Use Permit.

Why is there more tax money for the City from a grow than a retail store?

  Answer being researched

Retail Stores

Is there a 1000 foot buffer between retail stores. 

 Marijuana retailers can not be located within 1,000 feet of parks, schools and other dispensaries. In the past there was a big debate at city council and the park buffer was almost removed. However, many citizens  already cast their vote in approval of marijuana sales under the assumption that there would be park buffers, and if they thought council would change this rule, they would have voted differently. The council did the right thing and kept the 1000 foot buffer in place.

Miscellaneous Questions

Is the marijuana revenue divided equally among all cities in Oregon?
Previously, the money went out based simply on population, but the formulas now take into account factors such as whether licensed businesses are allowed, the number of licensed businesses and the size of the grow canopy area. 

How much tax money will Pendleton receive?  
$130,000 for a partial year and $200,00 anticipated for an entire year.

Does Pendleton have plans for this money?
Currently the plan is to put 50% towards road repair and 50% to the general fund.

What is the money statewide really used for?

Most of the money is earmarked for schools, law enforcement (Oregon State Police), mental health, alcoholism, drug treatment which doesn't help financial flexibility.