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HIDTA Report

Huge Water Consumption

Cannabis production is resource intensive, on average a mature plant consumes 22.7 liters of water daily (more than a vineyard grapevine) and a single kilogram of finished flower requires 5.2 megawatt hours yearly (twice the average yearly consumption of a refrigerator), resulting in the release of 4.5 metric tons of carbon dioxide (equal to the average yearly emissions of a passenger car).  

Surplus of Unsold Cannabis

In the current state-sanctioned market, there is roughly one for grow site for every 25 users.  Per OLCC there was a surplus of 344,730 kg (760,000 lb) unsold cannabis logged during the recent audit of the recreational system 

Suspicious Financial Transactions

 22.72% of all reported suspicious financial institution activity was cannabis-related. 

Excessive Pesticide Residue

Cannabis samples distributed through the state-sanctioned system contained pesticide residue that exceeded prescribed limits 

Articles and information

Municipalities have different rules

Bend is strengthening their rules to increase notification areas, odor control and accountability.
Deschutes County has specific standards such as an annual report submited regarding such things as compliance with fire, health and safety, muted colors on fencing, noise control and odor control systems.   

Living by a grow can be unhealthy

Security concern attached to it produce a cartel-like atmosphere with drones, security cameras and armed guards with high-powered riϐles with ranges of more than two miles. Intimidation: In addition to these impacts, our neighborhood has been subjected to intimidation, threatened violence, profanity and arrogant bullying. Examples include sexual threats to young women; drone ϐlights over neighbors, including children and an 80-year-old stroke victim mowing his lawn; frequent discharge of ϐirearms, typically after a confrontation with a neighbor; neighbors stalked by employees with sidearms strapped to their waist; explosive outbursts of profanity; and verbal demands to get off of our own street.  

Just outside Cottage Grove many  undesirable but not really unexpected effects.  

Thieves use power tools, sledgehammers to steal pot plants from grow facility

BORING, Ore. — Deputies are searching for at least three men who broke into a state licensed recreational marijuana growing facility early Tuesday morning using sledgehammers and power tools. 

Strong Odor

 When the odor is particularly strong, it keeps the McCarts from being outside, entertaining guests, eating meals on their deck or keeping their windows open, the suit says. They bemoan what they describe as noise from their neighbors' excavators operating until 3 a.m., diesel generators that disturb their peace, the loud barking of guard dogs that spooks their horses, trash along the road and a "jacked-up camouflage-painted" SUV that passes by with an "exceptionally loud engine."The McCarts and others have had to lock their doors, install surveillance cameras and erect "No trespassing signs," according to the suit.  

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