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Finally the report everyone has been waiting for is here

An Initial Assessment of Cannabis Production, Distribution, and Consumption in Oregon 2018 - An Insight Report 

You have to transform the ingredients

The marijuana giant is well positioned to continue being a leader in the industry, so long as the company focuses on products first.

"Did you buy cannabis or an outcome? You have to transform the ingredients, that's the business we are in right now,"

Williams issues priorities on pot enforcemnt

 U.S. Attorney says he will “not make broad proclamations of blanket immunity from prosecution to those who violate federal law.” 

Explosion leaves one in critical condition at Huntington, Oregon Grow Center

HUNTINGTON — An explosion rocked a commercial marijuana growing and processing operation in Huntington on Thursday afternoon sent one to to the hospital.

The Huntington Fire Department and employees from Baker County Sheriff’s Office were called to Burnt River Farms at about 2:38 p.m. Thursday afternoon after a gas leak led to an explosion that injured a Huntington man, according to an article in the Baker City Herald.

odor issues

It is not all good.

Smell is a concern in a cannabis lounge

Five years later Colorado is an embarrassing cautionary tale

Critics raise a stink over marijuana odor ordinance

overproduction of marijuana

State is behind on regulating pot

 A new report reaffirms that the state's marijuana industry is fraught with challenges. 


Cannabis dispensaries reaping harvest of low prices

Legal Marijuana in Oregon Hasn't Curbed Illegal Trafficking, Report SaysRoute Fifty
Legalization of marijuana in Oregon has done little to curb illegal cultivation and distribution of the drug, as pot grown in Oregon is flooding illegal 

Oregon’s struggle to transform a business that for decades had operated illegally in the shadows into a regulated industry  

State regulators have been unable to keep cannabis overproduction under control, and now the federal

Prices plummet to $100 per pound.
government is planning to intervene.  

Oregon Grew More Cannabis Than Customers Can Smoke. Now Shops and Farmers Are Left With Mountains of Unwanted Bud

Marijuana legalization fuels black market in other states

State produces three times more pot than can legally be 


Pendleton Marijuana Information and News

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 Homelessness in Pendleton  “I know you’re supposed to smoke pot in your living room, but this is my living room,” 

Brand Krenzler issues ridiculous no  trespass

Burnswell withdraws Pendleton Marijuana grow

Letter: Pendleton has gone mad with marijuana money. State of 

Marijauna talk looks at legalization (East Oregonian)
Oasis in Pendleton

Too much marijuana, no place to smoke

Pendleton City Website. A lot of information here


Links related to Oregon

 Reported pot surplus doesn't surprise Roberts

BEND IS REVISING RULES FOR MORE RESTRICTIONS  Some of the modifications include: strengthening odor control measures, holding inspections for all marijuana productions registered under the Oregon Health Authority, and adding required notices to property owners within 1,000 feet of marijuana grow  

Recreational marijuana has made it more difficult for Oregon patients to get their medicine

With the increased processing and testing costs, and a decrease on the number of plants a medical grower can produce, patients are likely to seek cannabis products in a more shadowy place – the black market. 

OLCC issues eight violations

Oregon's medical marijuana program admits to problem.

  Deputies shot and wounded a man after responding to a dispute involving gunfire at a commercial marijuana facility in Cottage Grove, Oregon

Tracking Oregon medical marijuana is insufficient and inaccurate

Depression and Cannabis

 Like that Oregons's cannabis aphis outbreak had begun.... A plague like the cannabis aphid could in theory take care of the oversupply problem. 

Petition seeking to lift the Malheur County ban on marijuana businesses 

Vacation-Friendly Cannabis Edibles for Your Visit to Oregon

Man enters guilty plea m ailing 11 pounds of marijuana from Oregon to Virginia

Portlanders are leaking weed into the Black Marked

What we've learned from three years of legal marijuana

State of Oregon stopped processing marijuana licensees June 15, 2018.

Five Priorities

Oregon marijuana Racketeering lawsuit settled

 Oregon Gov: Go Legal  

Laws and Regulations

Oregon reels after Sessions rescinds policy that allowed marijuana to flourish

Oregon tries to stop pot from leaving state

Living near marijuana grow can be unhealthy experience

Marijuana shops struggle in Eugene

 Legalization, they say, has attracted vagrants and cartels from out-of-state, contributed to spikes in crime, and endangered the health of a generation of kids raised to believe the drug is harmless. A new study from Colorado State University-Pueblo’s Institute of Cannabis Research portrays the effects of legalization as mixed at best—far from the unqualified success that marijuana boosters like to project. 

Pendleton Oregon is Almost Ready for the First Commercial Marijuana Harvest. Ghost Town Organix   These ladies are almost done!! Looking amazing.  

Kind Leaf  Owner Issues a No Trespass order  because he does not like website Brandon Krenzler, owner of Kindleaf Pot Shop in Pendleton, Oregon  issues a no trespass via a Pendleton Police Officer for the physical location of his store because he does not like a website. 

I have never stepped foot in Kind Leaf and never intend to. This is not OK.  

United States Marijuana information and News

Teens who vape or use hookah are more likely to use marijuana later, study find

 Teens who used e-cigarettes and hookah were more than three times more likely to use marijuana later

Americans feel positively toward medical marijuana, but the research isn't there yet But, as the authors note, we don’t actually have high-quality clinical evidenhese 

 BUDTENDERS SHOULD NOT GIVE MEDICAL ADVICE Most bud tenders have no formal training in medicine or science.  “Our employees are not licensed physicians, nor do they pretend otherwise,” said Lazarus, co-founder of A Green Alternative, a legal pot store in Otay Mesa.  “They just help facilitate the sale of marijuana. The consumer uses his own discretion, and hopefully advice from his physician, if he needs it.”  The whole thing can be confusing for consumers, even if they turn to experts for advice.   NATURAL DEFENSE AGAINST OVERPRODUCTION OF MARIJUANA EMERGES  There is a pest outbreak in the Oregon cannabis industry.  Aphids.  The Oregon Department of Agriculture has issued an alert.  Maybe this will be a natural defense against the overproduction of marijuana in Oregon 

Texas should legalize marijuana

Oregon trying to shrink state's Marijuana Black Market

If you suffer with one of these disorders, the most important question to ask your recommender is whether you can to benefit from using marijuana. 

 “We don’t know if marijuana can stop or cure cancer. In some cases, cannabis might make things worse. It’s going to take time to find out.”  

 Most bud tenders have no formal training in medicine or science.  “Our employees are not licensed physicians, nor do they pretend otherwise,” said Lazarus, co-founder of A Green Alternative, a legal pot store in Otay Mesa.  “They just help facilitate the sale of marijuana. The consumer uses his own discretion, and hopefully advice from his physician, if he needs it.”  The whole thing can be confusing for consumers, even if they turn to experts for advice. 


Let's look at the American Revolution in Marijuana Legalization

The Love Drug: can marijuana improve our sex lives?

 7 Steps to Making the Perfedt Canna-butter

From Sleeping aids to beverages, the future of cannabis is in products.

Legal Marijuana is attracting homeless people

 A survey in Colorado suggests that more than one-third of homeless jail inmates who have come to the state since 2012 have come, at least in part, because of legal marijuana

 If you smoke, vape, or enjoy edibles and get behind the wheel of a car while impaired, not only are you breaking the law, you are putting your life and the lives of others on the road in great danger 


After a long fight against  the forces of “reefer madness” public opinion has swung in favor of the green economy. Now marijuana is legal for adult use in nine US states and momentum in other states is growing 


MARIJUANA IS A REASON SOME PEOPLE MOVE HERE The most commonly reported reason homeless inmates came to 

Colorado after 2012 was “to get away from a problem” (44.2%) 

followed by family (38.9%). The  third most prevalent reason was marijuana (35.1%) when the  responses for both medical and recreational were combined. 


In Colorado, where cannabis has been legal since 2014, you can't smell marijuana because in Denver, the cannabis bus tour we booked — basically a party bus with stops at dispensaries and grow operations, along with plenty of pot — was canceled. 

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