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Ron Harrison

Ron Harrison Grow Facility

504 SE 4th Street
Pendleton, Oregon 

Planning Commission Minutes -Ron Harrison

5.   utility extensions shall be signed prior to occupancy. Consent for LID may also include construction of city standard driveway if access is non-existent or via a gravel road. Access into the site may need to be relocated to facilitate the Clear Vision Distance from an intersection. Ord: 3481, 8.01.3,9.19.1B…”
9.    “Utilities shall be extended to the site as necessary to provide for the operation of this business. The utilities shall meet the approval of the community Development Director and cit standards for such extension.. This ma include the placement of a fire hydrant, a sprinkler double-check system, storm water drainage piping and/or easements. 9/16-9.18”

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2. The terminus for SE 4th Street at the railroad lacks a fire truck turn-around.  The distance for the dead end is 250 feet.  Fire Department testimony is necessary to detrmine if a turn-around is necessary given parking and construction constraints.

Commission Findings:
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An example:  The quick brown fox jumped over the four lazy dogs.  Findings: there were four dogs. The fox was quicker than the dogs. The fox was brown. The for dogs were lazy.
Commission Conclusions:
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The quick brown fox outwitted the four dogs because they were lazy.